Ecosa is a trusted brand that helps you upgrade the interior design of your home while providing the best quality and comfort. This brand started in 2015 as an Aussie startup to make mattresses comforting to rest on. Ecosa is committed to minimizing waste, which is why their furniture is built to last. So if you are looking to add a piece, be it a sofa set, mattress, or bed frame with appealing design and excellent durability, Ecosa is your go-to shop.


A good mattress can be used up to its full potential if paired with the right bed frame. The design of your bedroom can be significantly influenced by the bedframe. Therefore, it's very important to choose a set that's both stylish and cozy. Here are some modern bed frames by Ecosa that you can choose from to add charm to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

1. Sierra Bed Frame

If cozy cushioned furniture is your style then this Sierra Bed Frame is exactly what you need. With this bed, you may have a pleasant bed rest with a Double cushioned headrest, so you never have to worry about banging your head against the board. Sierra Bed Frame comes in three different sizes, Double, Queen, and King size. This frame is perfect if you like to lounge in a snuggly warm bed.


  • Cushion covers are washable and easily removable

  • Available in 4 different colors

  • Premium Quality Fabric

  • Easy assembling 

  • High-Quality Material



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You can get your Sierra Bed Frame at $1400 from the Bed Frames collection at Ecosa

2. Cove Bed Frame

The Cove Bed is designed to be a fusion of tradition and modernity. With a Classic tufted bedhead, it's the perfect choice to decorate your bedroom with a classic yet modern-styled bed frame providing the comfort you need after a long busy day. The Cove Bed Frame comes in 4 sizes, Single, Double, King, and Queen size. 


  • Comes in 4 appealing neutral shades

  • High Quality built

  • Comfy fabric

  • Can be easily assembled

  • Breeze Bed Base



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Get yourself the Coven Bed Frame for $1225 and enhance the look of your bedroom.

3. Drift Bed Frame

Your quest for chic bed frame ends with a Drift Bed Frame. This unique set has a sleek arc design that is best for the ultra modern look of your bedroom so that you can wake up to the rejuvenating feel and sleep in the comfort of your fancy crib. Available in Double, King and Queen size the set comes in two unique colors.


  • Unique bedhead 

  • Trendy bouclé upholstery

  • Available in two attractive colors

  • Easy to put together



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You can decorate your home with the stunning Drift Bed Frame which costs $1325

4.Elio Bed Frame

With extra attention to details Elio Bed Frame is one of the most elegant looking bed frames in the collection. Tufted cushioning on the bed head offers a perfect balance of relaxation and support enhancing the overall beauty of your room. The way this bed frame is made will make you want to curl up and get warm beneath the covers just by looking at it.

This frame is available in 3 sizes Double, King and Queen size frames of each size and comes with custom Ecosa connectors.


  • Comes in 4 different colors

  • Easy to install ( thanks to the custom connectors)

  • Durable Fabric

  • Good Quality Material



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Allow yourself to be lazy and lounge on your Elio Bed Frame which you can buy for $1450

5.Luna Bed Frame

Horizontal channel tufting on Luna Bed Frame makes this simple design very attractive. Be in a pastel neutral color or a dark one, this bed frame is the ideal choice for those who like to keep their indoors minimalistic and graceful. Luna Bed frame gives the elegance that can fit it into many different aesthetics. This bed frame also comes in 3 sizes Queen,King and Double


  • Comfortable yet unique Bedhead 

  • Good heather woven fabric

  • Comes in 8 different colors



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Luna Bed Frame is available in $1400 at ecosa store


Note: All above pricing are for the queen size bed frames. If you want to buy another size then please check out the relevant price.


You can choose a bed frame from Ecosa's collection based on your preferences and theme. These unique designs will add life to your bedroom and make you want to stay in-bed because they're so cozy that you won't want to get out. The brand has a great collection of other items too like mattresses, side tables, beddings etc. so make sure to check them out as well. 


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