At King`s Loot, we think your self-perception is the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be. You thrive like a King when you think of yourself as a King. We want our customers to feel just like kings and queens.

The beginning of our journey back in 2019, when Joshua and his beloved wife, Jessica, sold everything to start this company; they can also sell their house and savings into the business. Joshua developed the concept for a wallet and created the first paper prototype. Then he went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the leather and a sewing machine. Making the original Kings Loot wallet by hand was a family affair.

The capacity to take an idea and see it through to completion makes this journey particularly special. Joshua launched a full line of products in September 2019, including the Hybrid, Bifold, and Journey wallet, after coming up with the concept in March 2019.

Hybrid Gift Bundle

This Hybrid Wallet is one of the top sellers, and for a good reason. It offers the best of both worlds and is the deal wallet. It is a minimalist Bifold with a pull strap for quick access to your daily cards and a manually adjustable and detachable money clip for holding cash bills. It is designed expertly. 

Easy Card Access

It grabs 1-12 cards and looks like it does not access 1-6 cards with the pull of a strap. 

Substitution for Life

You don’t need to worry about another wallet again, kings. Loot is here to help you and will replace your wallet anytime and for any reason. 

RFID Guarded

The minimal design suites perfectly into your front pocket, blocks of RFID (wireless theft). 

Features of Hybrid Gift Bundle

  1. Premium full-grain leather 

  2. Easy access pull tab 

  3. Lifetime replacement 

  4. RIFD Protected 

  5. ID slot 

Bottom Line of the Hybrid Gift Bundle

Kings Loot is internationally designed for quick and easy access to your ID, cards, and business cards. And cash, all of which perfectly fit in your pocket.