Buddies by Frost Buddy is a drinkware collection that allows users to keep their beverages at optimum temperatures for a longer time. Unlike other tumbles, Frost Buddy products are known for their built quality and are also visually attractive. That said, with the brand you can not only maintain the temperature but also elevate your style game. Not only this, the buddies are also easy to clean, and dishwasher safe making them practical yet stylish. 

Here we have enlisted the top 6 best selling buddies by Frost Buddy that you can opt for. 

Top 6 Best Selling Buddies by Frost Buddy

We have curated a list of high in demand Frost Buddy buddies that are not only stylish but also practical. 

Universal Buddy

Universal Buddy is available in multiple colors ranging from staple ones to limited editions. You can buy and add Universal Buddy to your drinkware collection for USD 39.99. 

The Universal Buddy is a multi purpose cooler that can be used as a skin and as a tumbler. The 10 percent leak proof lid keeps beverages sealed inside the tumbler. 

Listed below are some of the features of the stylish Universal Buddy.

  • Compatible with any cup holder

  • Stainless steel double walled

  • Keep drinks hot for around 6 hours

  • Keep drinks cold for around 12 hours

  • Capacity of 16 oz

To Go Buddy

Buy the To Go Buddy and choose from 21 staple colors and 20 limited edition colors, you can even customize it for free. Available for USD 39.99 only, you can also pay with monthly installments via Shop Pay. The To Go Buddy is a cup insulator, available in 30 oz, and 44 oz sizes. 

The handle comes with a built in chapstick hold and key ring. Here are some of the features you can expect from the To Go Buddy from Frost Buddy. 

  • Stainless steel double walled material with copper lining

  • Compatible with cup holders

  • Keep drinks cold for 24 hours

  • Keep drinks hot for 6 hours

Sports Buddy

As evident from the name, the Sports Buddy is a perfect travel bottle that comes with a free paracord and bumper. Prepared from double walled stainless steel, Sports Buddy is durable and lightweight. 

Following are some other features of the Buddy. 

  • Compatible with 24 oz cup holder 

  • Can keep beverages cold for more than 24 hours

  • Maintain the temperature of hot beverages for around 6 hours

Along with all of these features, you can buy Sports Buddy for only USD 24.99. 

Wine Buddy

You can buy the Wine Buddy for USD 39.99, available in multiple staples and limited color options. The Wine Buddy acts as a liquor chiller, keeping the bottles chill excluding the need for an ice bucket. The Buddy is engineered from double walled stainless steel, allowing liquor to stay cold for more than 12 hours. 

Thicc Buddy

Available in sizes 40 and 50 oz at USD 44.99 and USD 49.99, respectively. You can buy the Thicc Buddy and choose between 12 staple colors and one limited edition color. The Thicc Buddy from Frost Buddy works as a perfect mug and cup insulator, with some features that are listed below. 

  • Special lid that is spill proof

  • Two in one sip and straw option is available

  • 40 oz variant fits 12 oz, 16 oz, 30 oz, and 40 oz cups

  • 50 oz variant fits 12 oz or 16 oz cups

Sippin Buddy

The Sippin Buddy is the most affordable and best selling product from Frost Buddy. You can buy it for USD 19.99. This product is ideal for kids with a two in one sip and straw, avoiding any potential chances of drink spillage. 

We have listed some of the features of the Sippin Buddy below.

  • Made from double walled stainless steel

  • Compatible with almost any cup holder

  • Drinks stay cold for around 12 hours

  • Drinks stay warm for around 6 hours 

Frost Buddy emerges as the ultimate drink companion. From the versatile Universal Buddy to the convenient To Go Buddy, each product is designed to elevate your drinking experience. That said, the products of Frost Buddy allow users to not only maintain the beverage temperature but also elevate their style game. 

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