Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, delivering, communicating, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society as a whole.

Behind any product or service in the market, it is important that a marketer has defined what would be the value of it. What is the vision, and how the offer would be structured?

Pricing is also very important and shall be based on solid marketing approach and according to the demographics.

“Whether it`s physical or digital, the route to success is ultimately having a clear approach to building your campaigns long-term. Brands must benchmark physical and digital campaigns so they can compare, contrast and learn how to improve on these metrics over time.”

Well now let`s talk about digital vs physical marketing.

You might think any one out of these whether digital or physical marketing is good and suitable for business and an entrepreneur cannot invest on both kinds of marketing together. But, my approach is different. Examine the marketing of a store or an online venture appearing at your web page. Businesses leverage digital channels such as google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and future customers.

Whereas physical marketing involves print marketing usually refers to advertising space in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other printed materials intended for distribution. The benefits of physical marketing is that it is easy to understand, materials can be kept, real to the brain, requires emotional processing and retains loyalty.

You might have seen numerous famous online ventures who have started working at physical marketing again because they want another level for leading in the market and as far as physical marketing is concerned, it has more lasting impression and satisfaction on customers.


Many marketers are bucking the digital trend and investing more in ensuring customers can touch and experience their products and services.



As we`

ve examined the never ending competition among the entrepreneur, they have to be on the same page and work effectively and efficiently according to the needs of the market. So, the companies are engaging themselves more into physical marketplaces such as:

·         Promotional Campaigns

·         Free Sampling

·         Consumer Insight (feedback)

·         Radio

·         Television

·         Sponsorships

·         Informative Seminars

·         Events


When it comes to advertising, neuroscientists have discovered that paper ads can be more memorable and have more impact than digital ones. Physical marketing almost lost its value in the past decade. But, now there is a need of both physical and digital marketing for the current entrepreneurs. So, the mixture of these two will be most efficient and can be known as PHYGITAL MARKETING.

Digital marketing is good which can gain customer`s attention and can generate huge amount of sales. But the rage goes on as competition never stops. But on the other hand there is a need identified for the next level that is amalgamation physical and digital marketing.

A multi-channel approach can be more useful with the convenience and accessibility and record of digital.

Many marketers are bucking the digital trend and investing more in ensuring customers can touch and experience their products and services.