Palm Angels are a major fashion store, and it is globally famous because they provide genuine products to its customers. Palm Angels were established in 2011 as a photographic documentation of LA’S SKATER CULTURE. This is an art of director Francesco Ragazzi, A Milan-Born Photographer and Fashion Communication Trained.

The Venture Developed Into A Book, which Rizzoli Published In 2014, And Subsequently Into Clothing In 2015. The Italian perspective on American culture and subcultures is the source of PALM ANGELS. It combines a love of fabric and a respect for sartorial codes with a propensity to use clothing as markers of identity and culture. PRIMARILY A VISION WITH A REAL HUMAN BEING BEHIND IT, PALM ANGELS IS.

Palm Angels Jeans Collection

Palm Angels have a wonderful collection of jeans; Francesco Ragazzi, the art director for Moncler, started taking pictures of the skateboarders at Venice Beach during one of his many trips to Los Angeles. In Fall/Winter 2015, he debuted Palm Angels with a unisex ready-to-wear line inspired by the idea of an ethereal skater suspended in midair within a halo of sunlight.

This image remains a brand motif and can be found on various Hoodies, iPhone cases, and thermal cups. Palm Angels offer a genderless selection of items that capture the tough grace of LA skate culture by fusing preppy cuts, `70s-inspired prints, and accessories with Californian iconography.

7 Top Demanded Jeans

  1. Gray Logo Patch Classic Jeans 

  2. Blue Animalier Patch Jeans 

  3. Blue Curved Palm Tree Jeans 

  4. Black Curved Palm Tree Jeans 

  5. Blue Track Jeans 

  6. Black Track Jeans 

  7. Black Denim Jeans 

Bottom line:

Palm Angels is a fashion store it is leading globally; Palm Angels was founded in 2011 to document LA`s skater culture through photography. Director Francesco Ragazzi, a photographer and fashion communication expert born in Milan, created this.